08 December 2009

The House That Kevin Garnett Rebuilt

Over the past three months I've been making a music video for local band and friends Where Astronauts Go To Hide. It's been really, really fun, and just this past Friday the band played a concert wherein the video was premiered and (I think) well-received.

It's called "The House That Kevin Garnett Rebuilt" and I am real proud of it! If you think it's neat, I would urge you to share it on your facebook or tumblr or whatever and really get this thing out there. Embed! Embed!

Beyond that, you find me in the midst of finals, which are going fine, no big deal. The semester ends Friday and then I'll go home and realize I have nothing to do/no life when I'm not in school.

No just kidding it will be great! Anyways, here's the video. Tell your friends!

The House That Kevin Garnett Rebuilt from Ethan Holbrook on Vimeo.

Official music video for Where Astronauts Go to Hide's "The House That Kevin Garnett Rebuilt"


Secret Handshake said...

Ethan, this is beautiful!

Aimée said...

the sequence where he's just drinking at the bar is beautiful. nice job Ethan!